Fred Somers has been painting full-time since 1975 at his farm-home-studio near Northfield, MN.   His oil and pastel paintings, known for their peaceful sensitivity, reflect themes from the land.  Whether in intimate views of grass, rocks and water with reflections of light and sky, or in spacious vistas of the countryside he seeks to share the hidden places of nature.  He now brings his love of life to sensitive commissioned portraits.

Fred’s pastel paintings of the Big Woods State Park near Northfield were chosen for the 1996 Minnesota State Park Permit design.  He also continues to inspire others through his painting workshops in the U.S. and abroad.   Since his designation as American Swedish Artist of the Year in 1984 he has continued to exhibit and teach in Scandinavia.

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fred somers
Vicki Hovde owns and operates SpiritONE Art Center in Wayzata, Minnesota. Her vision is to bring together people of different faith traditions, spiritual philosophies, and cultural backgrounds to explore the collective universal language of the healing and spiritual arts.

Vicki met Fred in the mid 1980's when she was early in her career as an art consultant for commercial and nonprofit organizations. She immediately connected with his work and thought it appropriate for the clients she was working with. Since then her role has expanded beyond mere representation to one of advisor and artistic confidante. In particular, she has encouraged Fred to do large-scale oil paintings like the one featured in the documentary.

Sister Margaret Belanger is a member of The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and Consociates. Their mission is to commit to continuing Jesus’ mission in the world by responding to the needs of our time. In the spirit of the Gospel, they work toward right relationships with God, persons, and Earth. They strive to foster the common good through advocacy, creative arts, education, healthcare, social service, and spirituality.

Sister Margaret headed up the committee that selected Fred as the artist to create the Genesis painting. Although her appearance in the documentary is relatively brief, her thoughtful comments and observations give the documentary greater depth and meaning.
Thank you Sister Margaret.

Paul Krause, owner and operator of Dancing Sun Multimedia has been documenting the quality of life in Northfield MN since 1999 when he and Dennis Wilcox created the Northfield Community Video Project.

His most recent film was “Harvest” a chronicle of the creation of Ray Jacobson’s sculpture of the same title. From the initial drawings to the final installation on the riverfront, the film reveals every step required to craft the three thousand pound, bronze sculpture. The documentary has received rave reviews and has been aired on TPT's Minnesota channel at least thirty times over the past year.

He feels blessed to have discovered Fred's commission at its very beginning and to have witnessed the creation of this magnificent work of art.
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