In the summer of 2011, Fred Somers received a commission from Carondelet Village a joint partnership of the Sisters of St. Joseph Carondelet and Presbyterian Homes of Minnesota to create a signature painting for their new retirement community, Carondelet Village.

How Fred was chosen to create the painting, how he used his artistic vision and powers to complete it, and the impact of its installation on the residents of the Village are essential elements of Genesis: The Art of Creation.

Twin Cities Public Television to Air Genesis: The Art of Creation

TPT MN will air Genesis on Saturday, December 5 at 8pm. The Minnesota Channel may be seen on several area Cable services. For detailed information CLICK HERE

A number of people have participated in the making of the documentary. Check out Participants for clips, pictures and biographical information.

Opening and Excerpts
The documentary's opening sequence is shown below. Addtional clips from Genesis can be found on the Excerpts page.

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The Opening Sequence of Genesis (see Excerpts for more clips)
Fred at work in his studio
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